According to the UN, the lack of decent work and unemployment make it increasingly difficult for people to build a better life through their work. On the other hand, in Spain alone, 58% of companies have problems finding the talent they are looking for. Both data make the professional, a complex ecosystem where it seems that none of the parties understand each other. 

Faced with these problems, we use Artificial Intelligence to solve the difficulties and reach an understanding, because as much as it is said that AI has come to replace people, the reality is that it has come to unite them. 

From Substrate AI we propose Fleebe, a comprehensive HR platform focused on both people and business. While it provides training and access to constant job improvement for individuals, it contains a series of management tools for companies. Talent recruitment, internal promotion and continuous training are some of them. 

For the people, Fleebe creates the labor-training platform as follows: 

  1. The user uploads his resume
  2. The user answers questions about career goals, likes, hobbies, ideal country to work in, etc.  
  3. The AI assistant processes all the information that the user has provided together with other public information on the Internet to recommend a personalized training plan.
  4. In turn, the platform searches for all the offers published on the Internet to offer the user the perfect job with a single click.  



For the companiesIn this new world of work facing great challenges, Fleebe is the ultimate solution to human resources management. Flexibility and change as well as talent attraction and retention are the mantras of the new platform. Among its functions, we highlight the following:

  1. Training of workers: the platform offers the training that employees need to meet the challenges and to carry out continuous training. 
  2. Internal promotion: All data collected by Fleebe and the employee's expert will be in the hands of the HR department to evaluate the internal promotion.
  3. Talent Recruitment: Through the data collected from all companies, searches and recommendations, Fleebe is able to offer, after a few simple questions, candidates who are working or not working to fill vacant positions. This improves the work of the headhunters.
  4. Employee management: Fleebe HR includes all the tools needed for employee management. Vacation management, time management or shift management are some of them. 








In this Investor Day video, Lorenzo Serratosa, President of Substrate AI, explains the multiple uses of the Fleebe platform.

Source: Substrate AI