Substrate AI increases capital to bring in U.S. investors

Substrate AI has convened a general shareholders meeting on January 30, at which it will approve the creation of an series B non-voting shares which will be placed in the U.S. among institutional investors during the first months of 2023, in addition to using them to capitalize debt, thus improving the company's balance sheet. With these operations Substrate AI secures the resources to undertake its business plan, beyond the convertible bonds of the Alpha Blue Ocean fund with which it already has, while giving entry into its capital to U.S. institutional investors.

"We have been working on this for several months and we are sure that this step will be transcendental for Substrate AI, as we have already commented on other occasions, in the US there is more experience in investing in artificial intelligence companies and there is more interest in companies like ours. Our sector is very incipient in Europe but already has some track record in the US. Moreover, our technology partner, the Rensselaer Institute in New York, is well known there, so we know that investors understand what we are doing in terms of technological development and value the impact it can have on Substrate AI's business in the medium term". notes José Iván García.

Substrate AI has developed, with the help of its CTO Bren Worth and the Rensselaer Institute in New York, its own artificial intelligence technology based on biology that uses reinforced learning (RL) to solve problems that previously could not be addressed with AI. Among its features are the ability to adapt to changing environments, to be trained with less data or even to implement an ESG artificial intelligence, with much lower power consumption than current systems, that can be used by other developers as a second layer technology.

On this technology Substrate AI has built a portfolio of companies that apply it by building SaaS businesses in fields as diverse as agritech, health, human resources, finance or energy, all of them with their own teams and with the aim of being leaders in their own sectors. With this model, Substrate aims to bring society closer to the capacity of AI to drive the change that the economy must make to move towards a zero-emissions model, seeking efficiencies where possible thanks to data management for better decision making.