VALÈNCIA. The listed Valencian company Substrate AI consitututye 'Save the planet' to encompass all its projects related to the energy sector and sustainability. Among others are the energy saving systems in buildings with artificial intelligence (AI), which allow saving up to 30% of the energy consumed while maintaining the comfort of users; or those related to the maintenance of solar plants with AI developed in collaboration with Canadian Solar and can now be purchased through the marketplace of Azure.

It is worth recalling that in June of last year, the listed company domiciled in the 'cap i casal' entered the program of the partners Microsoft to commercialize its software products in the Azure marketplace.with its anomaly detection solution as the first product. This solution is already in operation and is currently being applied by Canadian Solar in the predictive maintenance of three of its photovoltaic plants. "With this agreement, we are getting closer to the goal of our strategic plan to make artificial intelligence solutions available to all companies - both large and small - to generate efficiencies and, therefore, cost savings," he said at the time. José Iván García, Chief Executive Officer of Substrate AI (SAI).

Precisely the CEO of the Valencian firm acknowledges to this newspaper that "artificial intelligence is key to driving the energy transition of our economy towards zero emissions. This is the core of many of the solutions that we develop in Substrate AI and it will be even more so in our new subsidiary. Save the planet will focus on developing and commercializing solutions that put AI at the service of energy and sustainability. In this way, we are demonstrating our commitment to the challenges facing society.


More than doubling revenues

SAI more than doubled (133%) its revenues last year to more than four million euros.. This growth was based on the good performance of its subsidiaries in the areas of finance, agritechhuman resources and healthThe Valencian company improved its business plan, which contemplated a loss of 2.1 million euros, which was reduced to 2 million euros. In terms of Ebidta, the Valencian company improved the business plan that contemplated losses of 2.1 million, which were reduced to 2 million.

The listed company chaired by Lorenzo Serratosawhich, in addition to BME Growth, has been listed on the North American OTC market since the end of November last year.The company operates as a holding of firms that sell, apply and develop artificial intelligence in sectors such as healthcare, agritechfintech or human resources. All with a focus on creating efficiencies that drive the economy on its path to sustainability and emission neutrality. It also offers consulting services for other companies wishing to implement AI solutions in their day-to-day operations.

Substrate AI, which a little more than a month ago had the second highest increase in the former Alternative Stock Market (MAB).This year, it has appreciated by 9.44% compared to the close of the last session in April. In addition, according to Valencia Plazais working to list in new markets in the future.