Do you want to know how artificial intelligence strategies work? Substrate AI is an AI development company that dedicates its development efforts in areas such as Investment, Agritech, Quantum, Energy, Automotive and various other lower impact sectors.
On the investment side, it began its development in 2017 by partnering with Zonavalue Club in Spain to develop models for asset management, investment idea selection and asset allocation.
Substrate AI's proprietary strategies have management models distributed by factors or sets of assets with specific characteristics such as:

  • Value Model
  • Growth Model
  • Quality Model
  • ESG Model
  • Nasdaq100 Model
  • S&P500 Model
  • Star Managers Model (American Star Managers ETF)
  • AI Growth Model ("ugly companies")

In December 2019 Substrate implemented the strategy of. Star Managers (ETF) on the platform Collective2 of public record, generating a 40.6% cumulative return through November 2020 (36.3% 2020 YTD), including the March drop in the stock markets as a result of COVID-19.

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In the following video Bren Worth explains the pillars on which these models are based, and delves into how investment models are built using Artificial Intelligence. As well as the path followed until the investment models were consistent enough to implement them. He also discusses the failures along the way and the successes that have shaped the existing models.


As additional information

Substrate AI's models have some advantages and are ahead of other competitors with respect to the Cost and Sustainability variables:

  1. Train from models with little or no feature engineering, as it learns this on its own.
  2. Supporting small data sets, Substrate AI uses 98% less data in the model training phase.
  3. Models can be built daily for fast delivery
  4. Supports non-stationary statistical environments (Bag consists of a non-stationary statistical environment).
  5. Supports structured database data sets
  6. No adjustments required as it learns this on its own for RL hyper-parameters
  7. Supports multi-target reward functions

Substrate AI brings Artificial Intelligence closer to the individual investor.