1/07/2024 – Valencia. The listed Valencian company Substrate AIthe publicly traded Artificial Intelligence company, the BME Growth which designs, builds and scales AI ventures with proprietary technology, has announced that it has acquired an equity stake in Spanish e-learning company SoyGuiri with 7.3%, an investment that is part of its strategy to acquire and promote businesses in which Artificial Intelligence plays or could play a relevant role.

SoyGuiri is a company that teaches Spanish through a platform with a proprietary method with which it has achieved great success and that is at the point where it must make a technological leap to compete with leaders such as Babbel or Duolingo, SoyGuiri also has a strong social commitment and teaches Spanish to refugees and expatriates bringing their methods and systems to those who need it most.

Substrate AI enters the capital to be its technology partner and turn it into an AI-driven company, that is, one in which AI is at the center, driving sales, marketing, operations and, ultimately, all areas of the business and also providing technology to strengthen the company's social commitment, which is key to its development.

"AI is going to play a crucial role in the education sector, especially in terms of personalizing content and learning pathways, so that learning by the way of elearning is like having a private teacher who adapts to you, to your memory capacity and to your attitudes in terms of how you understand the theory-practice binomial and the need for play and positive emotion when it comes to engraving new lessons in your brain," he notes. José Iván GarcíaCEO of Substrate AI.

García adds: "All of this turns something that was initially dry into something easy and enjoyable and gives us the possibility of learning things that we would never have thought of before". "At SoyGuiri we are going to put these ideas into practice to turn them into the most advanced Spanish learning system on the market in terms of technology," concludes the CEO of the Valencian company.

For her part, the CEO of SoyGuiri, Ana Rosa AlvarezWe are very happy and excited about the entry of Substrate AI into our capital because it gives us the possibility to have the latest generation of AI technology and to transform ourselves into a totally new company with Artificial Intelligence at its core. Our students will be the biggest beneficiaries of this".