On the occasion of Women's Day, March 8, Substrate AI spent a day to remember with its employees.

Substrate AI's women comprise 47% of the workforce and are an essential engine for the smooth running of the company. Their enthusiasm and dedication make Substrate AI a lively and creative/authentic company.

Substrate AI welcomed its employees with a great breakfast accompanied by champagne and quotes from outstanding women in their respective fields. Ada Byronthe first programmer in history, claimed that imagination was the faculty of discovery, while Nancy Wakethe most decorated woman of World War II, expressed the courage and vital importance of living in freedom. In short, quotes that bring together essential values to continue walking in harmony towards a successful and fruitful end. 

Taking advantage of the Valencian fallero month, all the members of Substrate AI had the opportunity to attend the mascletá dedicated to Women's Day. Mascletá that was fired by the businesswoman Reyes Marti and that from beginning to end was dedicated to women and the fight against gender violence. Undoubtedly, a mascletá with a lot of strength and very significant. 

Like every day, women, as well as men, are a fundamental pillar for a harmonious operation of the company. Celebrating these days is essential for the recognition of each of the members. 

Video: Women's Day at Substrate AI

Source: Substrate AI