Madrid, February 2024. Substrate AI (SAI), the only national listed company - more specifically from Valencia - on the Spanish stock exchange that beat forecasts last year, is presenting Subgen AI and its product Serenity Star this Thursday in Madrid. Both are focused, among other things, on large-scale language models (LLM or large language models in English). To talk about Subgen AI is to talk about Substrate AI's subsidiary in charge of artificial intelligence (AI) technology developments.

"It is the cornerstone on which the entire Substrate AI project is built and the owner of all the technology patents we hold. It is a company focused on the goal of democratizing the use of generative artificial intelligence (GAI) in companies and governments. All this overcoming the barriers that currently prevent its massive use, such as the problem of data control or the problem of ethics and compliance of companies that do not want decisions made by an AI to impact their reputation", explains Lorenzo Serratosa, president of SAI.

And what is Serenity Star? "The answer to these problems and many others related to IAG implementation is Serenity Star.. An ecosystem of solutions in that field where any company, startup or corporation can find everything they need to implement IAG in all their processes, from more than 100 LLMs including the one developed by us (Serenity 7b) to all kinds of agents, co-pilots or plugins."he replies.

 From left to right: Lorenzo Serratosa (Chairman), José Iván García (CEO) and Bren Worth (CTO). Photos: BME


Lorenzo Serratosa -and his entire team- aspire to be "leaders in the development and implementation of AI in Europe. Europe lags behind the US in the development of AI and there are no large companies focused on this sector. Subgen AI aspires to occupy that space, to be a decisive player in the development and implementation of IAG in Europe. All this by helping companies and governments to be able to use the full power of this technology while avoiding the risks involved, thus creating new efficiencies that turn into strong and lasting competitive advantages."

Asked whether there is still room in the market for the new LLM models, his answer is categorical: "Of course it is. In this field, even if it seems like it's all done because of the huge amount of development done in a very short time, we are still at what we call the 'mobile first' moment, meaning there is still a long way to go before we get to smartphones and a lot of things we will see happen in the enterprise AI ecosystem that is now starting to take shape."


"We developed Serenity 7b and will work with new models, which can be used by companies and governments in their operations."


In his opinion, the large LLMs that we know of -such as Open AI- are not the only LLMs in the world. "they are generalists and, therefore, they are good at many things, but in others they are very bad. For example, in mathematics, and there is still a lot of work to be done and research to be done. We are mainly interested in the utilities that the big models do not cover, which are important for B2B rather than B2C environments, such as converting data from one format to another ..... In that sense, we are developing Serenity 7b and we will work with new models that can be used by companies and governments in their operations".

Where is IAG heading and what can we expect from its future development? "As I commented earlier, we are at the 'mobile first' moment, in this technology and a lot should happen around it in the next few years. According to the consulting firm Gartner, the use of this technology should go from 5% to 80% in just over 5 years. In other words, AGI will be at the heart of almost all companies and governments.

Serratosa is in no doubt that "This is a huge challenge, which involves developing products that facilitate this massive use -such as Serenity Star-, solving problems such as data control, compliance or the ethics of decisions; but also others such as ensuring that the investments made by the company are predictable and cannot be interrupted, throwing a lot of money down the drain, as we have seen happen in many cases.


"We are confident that Serenity Star will be the ecosystem used by many companies and governments as a foundation in building their IAG applications."


By the way, who is the team behind the development of Serenity Star? "I am proud to say that it is made up of more than four nationalities, with what that means in terms of enrichment of visions, needs and ways of understanding the world. The product leader is Leandro Harillo, a spectacular Argentinean engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the development of software products".

"In addition -continues- The American Bren Worth and Mei Si lead the teams with him, the former focusing on proprietary products, including Serenity Star such as Serenity Meta Control or Serenity Virtual Team and Mei, leading the development of our own LLMs. This is a field with more than 15 years of experience where he has worked for companies such as Disney or Amazon".

Substrate's chairman is clear that "with these leaders and the 100+ developers currently working with them we are confident that Serenity Star will be the ecosystem used by many businesses and governments as a foundation in building their IAG applications."

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