In the Fintech world, Substrate AI has developed two solutions that it offers through different channels to institutional and private clients.

Investment Strategies with AI 

Since 2017 Substrate AI has been developing various AI investment strategies that are capable of beating their benchmark indices. These strategies are now offered to retail investors in the US through the Marketplace Collective2 and the group's subsidiary Saivers AI, a regulated financial advisory firm based in Miami. In turn, These same strategies are also offered in Europe to private individuals through the subsidiary Kau Markets EAF.


On the other hand, and to enhance the B2B business in this segment, Substrate AI has developed around these strategies a platform for institutional clients such as securities firms, brokers or financial advisors to invest their clients' money using artificial intelligence. In this platform they can know the status of each of their clients' accounts, what it is invested in, get reports for the regulator and the client, etc.



Finally, Substrate AI is setting up a Luxembourg-based investment fund together with Andbank Luxembourg. This fund will be managed with these investment strategies with artificial intelligence investing in the American market and is expected to be launched in September 2022 and distributed in Europe through the platforms of Banco Inversis and All funds under the name of Saivers AI USA FI. 

Source: Substrate AI.