4/08/2023 – VALÈNCIA (EP). Substrate AIthe artificial intelligence company listed on BME Growth, has closed the acquisition of the Galician livestock veterinary services company Ps Vet Dairyquality SL for 1.2 million euros..

Substrate AI indicates that with this acquisition increases its commitment to the 'agritech' sector and, above all, for the dairy farming sector in which it has been working for some time through its subsidiary Boalvet.

In it, they apply artificial intelligence (AI) to the early detection of diseases with the goal of reducing drug intake and veterinary problems on farms toy helping to improve the quality and quantity of milk produced and, therefore, the profitability of farms..

"We know that artificial intelligence is going to be fundamental in food production both for quality improvement and for sanitary control, traceability and production capacity," notes the CEO of Substrate AI, José Iván García.

Substrate AI floated on BME Growth in May 2022 as the first artificial intelligence company to be listed in Spain. and operates as a holding company of companies that sell, apply and develop AI in their sectors, with a focus on creating efficiencies that drive the economy, sustainability and emissions neutrality.

In addition to BME Growth, the company is listed on the American OTC market and is closing the process of listing on the London Aquis, a market focused on growth companies.