After quoting in BME GrowthWe have achieved new objectives that help to achieve the mission of our holding company. The reason for our existence is materialized with the partnership of new companies after applying Artificial Intelligence driving a reference ecosystem. 

Substrate AI has entered the Microsoft partners and we will market our software products in the Azure marketplace. As a first product, we will provide a solution for anomaly detection in all types of industries, in addition to developing a training program for new partners. 

In this way, we are building our business by developing our own products and we are on our way to a turnover of 7.7 million in 2022 and 17.8 million in 2023, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

"With this agreement we are moving closer to the goal of our strategic plan to make artificial intelligence solutions that generate efficiencies and, therefore, cost savings, available to all companies, both large and small." said the company's CEO, José Iván García.

The partnership with Microsoft is in addition to another solution already in operation such as the one applied to Canadian Solar and its predictive maintenance of three of its photovoltaic plants. There are several projects that we are developing and that look forward to a promising future in terms of Artificial Intelligence. Applying great solutions to everyday problems will lead us to success and exponential growth.