Substrate AI, the artificial intelligence company listed on BME Growth, has launched a chat room based on Chatgpt technology trained with all the wisdom of Warren Buffett so that anyone who is interested can ask investment questions to this virtual oracle of Omaha.

The chat is available for free on the website, a stock market news website associated with the financial education business of Zonavalue Global, a subsidiary of Substrate AI, which has a subscription service for those interested in investing in the financial markets. This thematic chat is one of those that Bren Worth's team has developed at Substrate AI based on Chatgpt technology and opens up a world of possibilities for the use of this technology in closed and highly specialized environments where it can be of great use for the rationalization and improvement of processes in research, manufacturing or in those environments where large amounts of information must be used.

Substrate AI, listed on BME Growth in May 2022 as the first Artificial Intelligence company to be listed in Spain, operates as a holding of companies that sell, apply and develop Artificial Intelligence in their sectors with a focus on creating efficiencies that drive the economy on its path towards sustainability and emission neutrality. The companies that make up the Substrate AI portfolio develop and sell Artificial Intelligence solutions in sectors such as Healthcare, Agritech, Fintech, Human Resources and Energy. In addition, the company offers consulting services for other companies that wish to implement Artificial Intelligence solutions in their day-to-day business.

In addition to BME Growth, the company is listed on the American OTC market and the London Aquis.