Madrid, April 2024. Substrate AI, the Spanish artificial intelligence company listed on BME Growth, has added to its LLM development team former Apple employee Julien Aubert who will work with Mei Si, professor at the Resenlaer Institute of NY, developing the LLM models prepared by the company in its generative AI subsidiary Subgen AI.

Julien Aubert has worked at Apple for four years on the launch and development of Siri, the virtual assistant of the American multinational Apple that allows interaction with users through natural language, as well as in other companies and organizations such as Zynapp and the World Food Programme of the United Nations.


Aubert was involved in the launch and development of Siri at the Apple multinational company


"We are very happy with the addition of Julien to the LLMs development team. We know that with his experience and talent he will bring a lot to the table and will be key, together with Mei Si and her team, in the launch of the models we are currently working on and those to come in the future. Subgen AI is focusing on "domain specific" LLMs very focused on B2B and bringing the best talent together in this work is vital to achieve our goals." notes Lorenzo Serratosa, CEO of Subgen AI and chairman of Substrate AI.

Substrate AI has launched through its generative AI subsidiary Subgen AI, the Serenity Star ecosystem, a generative AI ecosystem in which any company can find everything it needs to apply generative AI in its operations, from more than 100 LLMs (including those developed by Subgen AI itself) to AI agents of all kinds, more simple or more complex, or co-pilots for difficult tasks, through all kinds of plugins etc. ... Serenity Star allows to build generative AI projects in the company from a low code-no code point of view, that is, without having to be a great specialist in the field, thus democratizing the use of this technology.

Substrate AI was listed on BME Growth in May 2022 as the first Artificial Intelligence company to be listed in Spain and operates as a holding of companies that sell, apply and develop Artificial Intelligence in their sectors with a focus on creating efficiencies that drive the economy on its path towards sustainability and emission neutrality. The companies that make up the Substrate AI portfolio develop and sell Artificial Intelligence solutions in sectors such as Generative AI, Healthcare, Agritech, Fintech, Human Resources and Energy.

The company has also enhanced its international presence with dual listings in London and the US, bringing it closer to new investors and clients.