Substrate AI and Aivancity school for Technology Paris-Cachan, the great French AI school, join forces as part of the French strategy to boost artificial intelligence (AI).

Substrate AI, the Spanish Artificial Intelligence company listed on BME Growth, has signed a collaboration agreement with Aivancity Paris-Cachan, a private higher education institution founded by Tawhid Chtioui in France, a benchmark in the world of artificial intelligence with an eye on the French strategy to boost artificial intelligence in the country.

The French university and Substrate AI will create a chair dedicated to the detection of diseases in crops using artificial intelligence, a field in which the Spanish company already has experience, with the aim of
provide an overview of current AI and IoT technologies implemented in crops and explore and develop a system for the improvement of agriculture through an AI solution to prevent diseases and improve crop quality. In addition to that, Substrate AI and Aivancity will jointly promote a startup accelerator which will revolve around Substrate AI technology with the aim of proposing new use cases and solutions that will improve in one way or another the inefficiencies and problems of the economy and enable the transition to sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Sharing a common vision and values

The partnership between Substrate AI and Aivancity Paris-Cachan is based primarily on shared values, notably the need to put artificial intelligence at the service of the challenges facing our societies, the
climate transition of course, but also the search for job satisfaction or the construction of a fairer and more inclusive society.

"With this agreement with Aivancity Paris-Cachan, Substrate AI is betting on partnering for the first time with an educational institution with the idea of playing a role in supporting young talents in acquiring skills and starting their working or entrepreneurial life. We are therefore proud to join the first school dedicated to artificial intelligence in France and, more broadly in Europe, and we know that this represents a great opportunity to train and recruit the experts of tomorrow, to strengthen our presence and commitment to the French market and to drive new uses and solutions around our technology." notes Christopher Dembik, Substrate AI advisor and the company's representative in the French market.

Substrate AI develops SaaS (Software as a service) AI systems for companies with proprietary technology and has a presence in Spain, France and the US in sectors such as fintech, energy, human resources, agritech and healthcare. The SaaS industry has grown by more than 500% in the last 7 years and, according to the consulting firm Gartner, it moves some 172 billion dollars annually. These systems represent 70% of all software systems used by organizations. Within this industry, SaaS services associated with AI, such as those developed by Substrate AI, will be the fastest growing, with figures close to 30% per year over the next few years.