By 2040, Artificial Intelligence will be present in each and every business model, both traditional and disruptive. We are talking about logistics companies, call centers and even the agricultural world, where we are currently very active. 

AI will be vital to maintain the quality of products and services, as well as to improve their traceability, but undoubtedly the most important thing will be its ability to increase happiness in the workplace. In short, AI will be man's great ally. 

After learning of its potential, and since AI can develop enormous risks and challenges, the European Commission published "the world's first Artificial Intelligence (AI) legislation" on April 21. It is well known that, like any tool, AI requires control in order to help people and the global economy rather than harm it. For our part, we at Substrate, AI support all kinds of controls and regulation.  

And what do we want Substrate AI to be? What is our vision from Substrate AI? We envision a business holding around Artificial Intelligence where we will apply it in each of the companies belonging to the group. Wherever we find an inefficiency and the necessary data generation, we will create the optimal product that benefits an entrepreneur, a process or a person in their daily life. 


Our strategy is clear: we focus on the value per share. We focus on creating shareholder value, not just on sales and earnings growth, but on being able to achieve a compound annual return per share higher than the SP500. We will achieve this by managing asset allocation. 

Our goal is that those shareholders who walk by our side get as much value as possible and that they find in Substrate AI the place to invest their savings for 20 years, just as we do. 

"Our motto, Invert, always Invert."

Bearing in mind that 98% of technology projects fail, we will avoid the problems in which these projects reoccur: 

  1. Develop products that no one wants
  2. Develop products that meet a need but do not know how to sell them
  3. Running out of funding halfway
  4. Betting everything on one card

We reduce these risks through the development of a partnership system and a technology-based growth model with diversified risk. These companies provide us with the problem, the data and the sale, and we develop a product that fits and solves their obstacle. While the partners provide us with the data and the problem, the growth model gives us strength and reinvestment capacity. 

Our growth model also involves, on the one hand, the acquisition of companies that complement our businesses or open up new verticals, giving us greater strength. These actions provide us with teams, EBITDA, data and new knowledge. On the other hand, our growth lies in the incubation of companies, such as Boalvet or Ayren. 

The way in which we will address these objectives is through acquisitions and financing, with our sources of financing being banks, venture funds and venture debt. We will also do so through product development in the Fintech, Agritech, Fintech, Energy, Health and Industrial areas, among others.

In turn, we will market the products already created with other partners. 

In the following video from Substrate AI's Investor Day, Lorenzo Serratosa, President of Substrate AI, talks about Substrate AI's strategy and how the company's business model has been built.



Source: Substrate AI