From healthcare to mining, Artificial Intelligence has arrived to transform our lives. For many, an unknown world, for others, an untapped treasure.. 

The goal of Artificial Intelligence is one, to improve people's quality of life. Some time ago it might have been somewhat paradoxical to resort to the artificial to improve the natural, but today it is the way to prosper and make this life easier and longer. 

There is no field that can resist Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence in medicine uses techniques such as machine or deep learning to obtain more accurate diagnoses and detect pathologies with small margins of error. In education, the deployment of AI can improve human capabilities and even detect or treat learning disorders such as dyslexia. 

Finance, customer service, gaming or transportation are some of the many other fields where Artificial Intelligence is evolving and is vital to scale, improve and monetize. For many companies and organizations, AI is becoming a very powerful tool to really make use and take advantage of all the data and information they obtain from their customers. Its functions include optimizing business processes, completing tasks faster and eliminating human errors. 

Artificial Intelligence Applications:

Logistics: Better trade routes can be designed, taking into account data from previous routes and weather variables.

Health: Through diagnostic imaging, it will be possible to detect diseases such as cancer much earlier, thus increasing well-being and life expectancy.

Contact Center: The search for behavioral patterns, and access to customer data, will enable better matches between companies and consumers.

Energy savings: The use of alternatives and new technologies such as AI will be vital to rationalize energy consumption in buildings that emit more pollution.

Renewable energy: Predictive maintenance of renewable energy production plants will increase their profitability and production capacity.

Fintech: In the finance sector, artificial intelligence will help to attract and improve customer lifetime, in addition to creating strategies for investing in the stock market.

Human Resources: Companies will have an artificial intelligence assistant to get to know their employees better and offer them what they really need.

Mobility: Mobility in the cities of the future will be through autonomous transportation and intelligent roads, thus improving traffic and reducing accidents.

Agritech: Dairy plant management is an example in livestock farming, where artificial intelligence systems will be applied to control production and improve sustainability.

Mining: It will be possible to reduce the environmental impact of mining operations by better selecting the places where to start excavations.

There are many fields where Artificial Intelligence is being developed. With the aim of making this a better world, we are facing a promising future. 

Source: Substrate AI